The Never Ending Art Project





new and unusual or experimental ideas, especially in the arts, or the people introducing them.

"works by artists of the American avant-garde"

Never ending art... and memes

This is the Avant-Gardes, a limited member club for art and memes. Currently we are on "Version 1: Rick Rolled". Each version is a drop of 6969 unique NFTs, and owning one means you are in the club! Being apart of this club means you can participate in "The Cycle", "The Memes", and "The ATM". This is how you - the member - can make your contribution to the project.

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The Cycle

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The Memes

- This is your one stop shop for all of your meme needs.
- Here you have all the basic functionalities of a social network... with a twist.
- Post, chat, like, follow, or simply enjoy the high quality memes. Whatever floats your boat.
- Once you have made a post, now that post is eligible for "The ATM".

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- The ATM is a place where you can make some dough.
- Each week every meme that is posted can be seen and liked by other members.
- At the end of each week the owners of the top 3 most liked memes get a free Avant-Garde NFT.
- The rankings at the moment can be seen at any time during the week.

** Check out an interactive explanation of "The Memes", "The Cycle", and "The ATM" at these links **



6969 Avant-Gardes priced at .01 ether



Members own all rights to their NFT. Period



Verified as an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain


Week 0

Launch. Connect with the Avant-Gardes community.

25 %

All members get to name their Avant-Gardes.

45 %

Added functionalities to "The Memes", "The Cycle", and "The ATM".

50 %

Merch Dropp, and yes we will have white "Wife Beater" tank tops if y'all want them haha.

Week 11

Members claim their free NFT gift for participating in v1.

Week ??


Week 19

Avant-Garde parties are thrown around the globe.


** We want to know what y'all want! **
** Connect with us via any of the links below with your suggestions **

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